• 6 hour wick fuel wick chafing fuel
6 hour wick fuel wick chafing fuel

6 hour wick fuel wick chafing fuel

  • Product description: 6 hour wick fuel wick chafing fuel, 6 hours wick chafing fuel factory​

6 hour wick fuel (  wick chafing fuel ),6 hours wick chafing fuel factory
material of wick: fiberglass
net weight: 210 G
time: 6 hours
package: 24 can/carton, 48can/carton
certificate: ISO, REACH
Place of Origin: CHINA
Certification: ISO
Model Number: CYWP-6
• Application Method: Very simple, just light directly with the cigarette lighter or the matches. Extinguishes with the cover when you do not use. Just the same use as spirit lamp.
• Great for room service, soup tureens, beverage pot, small hotpot
• Spill resistant and burning safely
• Flash Point: 54°C (Tag closed cup)
• Re-sealable and Re-useable
• Packing: 48 PCS per CTN. & Customizable packing
• Wick Fuel Inside: Longer actual burning than others
• Material of can: Tinplate with inside and outside rust-proof anti-corrosion coating
• Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS): Available
• European Certification: European Chemical REACH Pre-Authentication Approval.

• Market:This product were exported to Europe ,America, the Middle East and othe global countries.
4hours wick fuel
• Widely used for restaurants, camping trips, commercial cafeterias, chafing dishes, barbecuing, hotels to heating foods, etc.


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